An Open Letter to Peter Joseph

Dear Peter,

I have begun to notice quite a valid concern that is building up in the wider internet community about the movement. The fact that The Zeitgeist Movement does not go beyond its stated goal (to raise awareness in The Venus Project), means that people involved in the movement begin to mimic those who promote it without a real lucid understanding of what they are promoting, and as such, often fall down trying to express the fundamental philosophy in their own words.

This mimicry has created a loosely defined 'cult' following. This is by no means a bad thing, films often have cult followings, and I'm not saying these are not smart people. The problem is we, as a movement, are not encouraging more independent thought by organising our own research groups('think tanks') or vocational classes for our members.

Education is very important for any society. So if we want to show the world that the principals behind the movement can drive and define the movement, we should become a source for free learning and personal development. Knowledge of all aspects of our existence, sustainability and interactions should be examined, even graded.

I am certain that we have the resources to start such a project. The ultimate goal would be to become a recognised international university. We have enough introductory lectures. Why not put more effort towards compiling lectures on other subjects, and then slowly build a cirriculum? There are already countless bite size math classes on youtube. A structure that enables people to educate themselves to professional standards would be a great achievement.

A good way to allow this to happen would be for individuals going to an established university to compile and share their course structure and documents. But I believe more could be done. Members could create a web-app that releases the course content in parts, and has regular online tests to ensure knowledge retention and good study practice. For example I am taking a foundation year in engineering, which covers maths and physics, at University of Southampton, a prestigeous science and engineering university in the UK, and could share my documents.

I look forward to your response.

Kind Regards,

Michael Morley-Clarke


Anonymous said...

please elaborate on you're ideas, we need people to actually do things not just make suggestions, what we do in the end is what makes us.

I think better resource management is needed and more automation.

Mega said...

Apologies for the late reply. Please see my most recent blog post. It is my desire to see these projects completed, so this is not just a suggestion, more of an appeal for help in bringing this to public awareness, so that I have more chance of finding people who are motivated to help.